Thursday, October 22, 2015

2015 Opening Social

    A lot of planning went into the opening social. In fact, the opening social we ended up having turned out to be far from what we originally had planned. During our meeting we had come up with the good amount of at least ten different ideas for what to do and we spend quite a bit of time weeding through what we could and couldn’t do along with what sounded like the best options. By the end we were incredibly proud and excited for what had ended up as our final decision. 
    Not even a week later we discovered that the location we were planning to have it at would not work. Yet again we altered our plans to fit the necessary change. In the approaching days it became aware that the outdoor social we had planned to have outdoors was going to have to be moved indoors due to the weather. Not only that but our opening social would be sharing the night with the homecoming parade and the powder puff game. 
    Rather than letting this disappoint us, we used it to our advantage. We combined all the activities and came up with a schedule. First would be a cafe rio catered dinner, then all the attending members would march in the parade. After the parade we would have dessert (a wonderful tres leches made by one of our talented officers Abby), and then attend the homecoming game.
    The homecoming game ended up being canceled due to the cold and damp weather. The parade however, was still on. We were not going to let the weather stop us from having a good time. All of us members walked in the parade and hopped around in the cold and laughed and had a great time. We got to know each other and we marched side by side decked out in face paint and pom poms. 
This wasn’t exactly the opening social we had originally hoped for, but part of being a leader is being able to adapt to the things that go wrong. Despite all the things that didn’t go our way we still managed to pull together a fun activity that everyone enjoyed.