Thursday, October 22, 2015

Homecoming Carnival

Homecoming Week was packed full of fun activities, one of them being the Homecoming Carnival. FCCLA and ProStart each have booths that they pull out every year for the carnival and sell delicious treats. This year was no different. The two booths were set up side by side and things all seemed to be coming together. 
Sadly, perfection is rarely ever the case. As some ProStart students were wheeling the rack full of trays of packaged cinnamon rolls, the cart began to slip and dozens of cinnamon rolls toppled out onto the gravel road. Shocked and panicked the students stabilized the cart and began assessing the situation.
All of us officers witnessed this take place and we all rushed over to help. It didn’t look pretty but we all got down on our hands and knees to see if any of the cinnamon rolls had managed to stay untouched. To our surprise, many of them made it out without a scratch. Even students that had been passing by offered their help and picked up boxes to carry to the booth. 
Even if things go wrong, when everybody is willing to do what they can to help solve the problem then things can get worked through quickly. The cleanup went smoothly and quickly, everybody looked at what needed to be done and did it. 
One of the qualities of a good leader is taking action, especially when in a situation that can be startling. In the case of this story everybody exhibited this quality and because of that we were able to get set up before the carnival even began and things went smoothly from there on out.